About Cathy

Hi. My name is Cathy Smith. I am a Christian, a writer, blogger, and occasional speaker. But I’m also a wife, mom, grandma, gardener, retired teacher, daughter, sister, aunt, Canadian, friend, reader, church member, bulletin editor, catechism teacher, history buff, choir member, art lover, and homemaker. Lots of interests means lots of things to write about. My first entry “A Nose in the Bathroom Tile” outlines what I hope to accomplish in my blog. You can find some of my published work here on my blog as well as talks, speeches, and workshops I have given at schools, professional development days, and conferences. I am working on a few longer writing projects as well.  Please be patient as I learn to navigate this blogsite and add “computer geek” to the hats I wear. I invite you to visit often and share your feedback! Looking forward to hearing from you.  🙂


4 thoughts on “About Cathy

  1. I look forward to perusing (in the manner of thorough reading, not skimming) youi blog when I hae more time available to me. I love the title of your blog, Cathy. It’s original.

    ton frere, tony

  2. hey mom – love the writing and plan to “creep” you often! also plan to examine your bathroom tiles with a more critical eye as i search for a nose 🙂

  3. Hi Cathy, I love your blog and am just finding my way around. I was reading your – About Cathy and in
    the list there was no “Sister-in-law”. I’m proud
    to say you have been a great Sister-in-law to me and
    I hope you continue to be. Ha Ha.

  4. Cathy: I read with much interest your article titled “Universal Donor” in the March 22nd edition of the Christian Courrier. You described the procedures with a nice touch of humor. Good for you to become a regular donor.
    I, too, am a regular donor. Since my blood type is also “O”, it is also universal. So far, I have the privilege of donating 117 times.
    When you reach the age of 70 (which I have), you go to the regular routines so aptly described in your article. In addition, they give you a form to take to your family doctor. He/she has to certify that you are still in good enough health to continue to donate. Until the Canadian Blood Services received this form from your doctor, you are not allowed to donate.
    Greetings. I look forward to reading your articles in future C.C.’s.

    Ted Bruinsma
    96 Elgin Dr, Brampton, ON L6Y 2E8

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