Mall God

Today CTV’s Canada AM showcased the choral group who sang the Hallelujuah Chorus in the Welland Mall. The Chorus Niagara reprised their number, this time more formally with their director, in front of a large crowd assembled in the food court. It brought me to tears yet again, as did the original video. The choral group was dressed in ordinary winter outerwear. The members looked plainly ordinary. The audience looked ordinary. The setting was ordinary. A fast food cafeteria, today’s pedestrian public square. Still the glorious sound transported. Lord of Lords, King of Kings…He shall reign forever and ever. Hallelujah!  Then, unexpectedly, the singers’ hands shot up in triumphant praise and joy. And, instantly, the audience did the same.  That’s when the tears welled up. Yup, he shall reign forever. In a mall. In the 21st century. Jewish leaders and Pontius Pilate and Roman soldiers thought they could kill him. His demise was pronounced in the 60’s and the Beatles thought they were his replacement. Today, new voices proclaim that he is finished, a myth. But the longing heart believes. I believe. And the resurrection is repeated. You can’t keep a good God down. He was willing to be born in a manger. He’s willing to meet you at the mall. An extraordinary God who wants to be friends with ordinary people. Hallelujah.


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