The last couple of weeks have been quietly refreshing for me at church. Big things and little things are evidence of God’s faithfulness to our little congregation. Our new powerpoint/sound system has been installed. That in itself speaks of investment in the church. People gave. People put up scaffolding. People did electrical work. People did organizing, calling, and clean-up. The screens are pleasingly symmetrical and the new sound is great. Word on the street is that the seniors are happy. They can hear better. Yesterday I went to church to run off the bulletin and the Avolution guys were doing some final music sound checks. I could attend to my mundane tasks uplifted by the regal and triumphant Hallelujah Chorus and other favourites from the Messiah. It was like the New York Philharmonic Orchestra was in the sanctuary! It was a celestial sound, anticipating the joy of Christmas.

For the last few weeks, we have viewed a number of powerpoint presentations by various arms of the church. We saw one on the Micah Challenge that was very moving. We also watched “Re: frame Media -Seeing God’s Story in Your Life” and had Rev. Stephen Koster as a guest pastor. These well-done video presentations with catchy and meaningful music add so much to the worship service. I love how attentive people are as they look up at the screen. I love how the work of the church is portrayed as colourful and exciting to our children and youth.
I painted two murals to decorate the Lion’s Hall for our Mission Trip Dinner. That was fun to do. I’d rather paint than cook any day, as you know. We decided to put them up in the church. One is a bulletin board backdrop on which I put photos of those who attended the dinner. I was so blessed in doing that simple task, looking at the smiling faces of these people I love, these teens I taught, these friends who want to do a good deed in a hurting country. The other mural has become a graph, displaying our fundraising progress. On Saturday, we will be having a Pancake Breakfast. I will be on clean-up duty. I’d rather clean up than cook any day, as you know. 🙂 It will be great to have friends and neighbours bustle in for fun and food. Though they might talk about the weather and the crops and the hockey game, they are really saying, “We support you. We care about you and your project. We’re in this together.”


This past Sunday, our church participated in the Peter Fish campaign for the first time in decades. It was touching to see the little ones run up to the front and proudly present their clinking fish to the pastor. The fish sat at the front throughout the service, a school of Nemos proclaiming “Let the little children come to me.” For me they also said, We belong to the CRC. We are finding the courage and humility to re-connect. After decades of movement away from the denomination I love, we are coming home. 
In January we host classis. Peter Borgdorff will speak about the Belhar Confession. Right now, I don’t really even care what he says about it. I just want to take a moment and rejoice. We are coming home. Like a plant accidentally half-ripped from the ground, our church has been tended by the Master Gardener, and our roots are re-establishing. Praise the Lord.


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